Children’s House Family

“Summit Montessori 是一个多元、尊重、包容的大家庭,我们非常幸运能加入其中。我们的孩子先参加了学校的夏季项目,然后在Children’s House学习。在老师们的照顾下,他逐渐成为一个好奇和自信的大男孩。他每天在学校都过得很开心,回家后不停地和我们分享在学校的故事。学校还定期举办各种有意思的聚会,帮助我们迅速融入,认识了很多新朋友。”

English Translation: “Summit Montessori is a diverse, respectful, and inclusive community, and we are very lucky to be here. Our child first participated in the school’s summer program and then continued learning in the Children’s House. Under the care of the teachers and staff, he has gradually become a curious and confident young boy. He has a great time at school every day and comes home sharing endless stories about his experiences. The school also regularly organizes various interesting events for families, which have helped us quickly integrate into the community and make many new friends.”

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