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Summit Montessori School

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Summer at Summit

Summer at Summit this year will run for 6 weeks.  Each week will have a theme, and all sessions will include art activities, sprinkler time, outdoor adventures and time in the Montessori classroom. Register here for your preferred weeks.  


June 11 - 15 The Nature Connection (ages 3 - 9) This Week Is Now Full

Explore the natural world in its many splendid forms:  hike in the woods, garden, recycle, visit a farm….and more!
· Celebrate Mother Nature with an in-depth study of insects, farm animals, gardens and birds.
· Visit the animals of Lil’ Folk Farm in Holliston.
· Enjoy a nature scavenger hunt, make sun prints, create a bug jar, make an animal tracks necklace, plant a flower and create a bird feeder.


June 18 - 22 Oceans and Beaches and Pirates, Oh My! (ages 3-9) This Week is Now Full

· What lives near your beach chair?  Study intertidal animals such as sea anemones, horseshoe crabs, bivalves, and sea stars.
· Explore ocean habitats; sandy beaches, rocky coasts.
· Learn how volcanoes and islands form.

· Handle and study tide pool creatures and habitat with visitors from New England Aquarium.
· Make pirate treasure chests, eye patches and bandanas.
· Embark on a treasure hunt; follow your map to find the  pirate booty.

June 25-29 – Engineering and Design (ages 3-6  and ages 6-12)

Campers become civil engineers building a city from the ground up with an emphasis on designing a safe and green infrastructure using a variety of materials, designs and technologies.  The two groups work separately on age-appropriate challenges.
· Build different types of bridges and buildings capable of withstanding stresses such as earthquakes.
· Experiment with solar and hydro power - which is better for transportation, and can we use robots to control self-driving vehicles?
· Use creativity, inventive thinking, computer coding  and brainstorming to solve daily mini-challenges.

July 9 – 13 – The Art of Science (ages 3-9)

Campers will explore the connections between art, science and math with a variety of experiments and creative projects.
· Explore the physics of bubbles and bubble art
· Apply color theory in a variety of drip, splash and spin art projects
· Make solar art - use the power of the sun to create beautiful images
· Understand glitter, glue and viscosity through the mystery of snow globes
· Link geometry and art - a 3D extravaganza!

July 16 – 20 – Shoot for the Stars! (ages 3-9)

Earth orbits around the sun at 66,600 mph,  Earth also rotates on its axis, and our sun rotates around the galaxy, so why don’t we just fly off into space?  Campers will learn the answers to this and other intriguing space questions.  They will also:
· Make their own solar system models and learn about what makes day and night, what makes the seasons
· Make their own constellations geo boards
· Design and construct Lego space shuttles
· Create space shuttles using paper and straws
· Explore moon art and phases of the moon in a delicious manner
· Travel to the Framingham State University planetarium to explore the universe.
If a Tesla can, why can’t we shoot for the stars!

July 23 – 27 – Drama and the Visual Arts (ages 3-12)

Campers will spend the week exploring drama and visual arts in a variety of ways built around the framework of presenting the play “Wind in the Willows” at week’s end. 
Along the way they will explore:
· Improvisation
· Prop making
· Sculpting
· Storytelling
· Vocal projection
· Stage presence
· Age dependent slam poetry
· Classic folk tales
· Superheroes
· Memorization (age appropriate)