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Summer at Summit

Summer at Summit offers an enriching extension to the Summit school year for toddlers through elementary-aged children. Enrolled children enjoy the beauty and pace of the more relaxed summer months, with preschoolers and elementary students engaged in themes that range from STEAM and STEM, to gardening, to the visual and performing arts, to woodland studies, to circus arts. Each week features a specific theme, and all sessions include art activities, sprinkler time, outdoor adventures and time in the Montessori classroom.  

Our youngest students, the Beginners, benefit from the consistency and familiarity of their beautiful toddler classroom with varied summer-based activities and art projects, plenty of outdoor time, and the company of trusted teachers and friends.

Summer at Summit 2019 will run for 10 weeks starting June 10th and ending August 23rd. There will be no camp during the week of July 1st. We have extended the number of camp weeks from 6 to 10 and added a Beginners session for the first time this year due to parent input and the need for continuity for our youngest students.

We are very pleased with the variety and quality of the theme-based sessions that we plan to offer, all of which are led by our wonderful and experienced Summit staff. We hope that your child will join us for a few weeks or the entire summer as we learn, grow, and enjoy the riches of the summer season together!

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Summer at Summit 2019 Beginners Registration Click HERE

Please note that Summer at Summit is ONLY for current and in-coming students. Interested in starting your Summit journey today? Call us at 508-872-3630 or inquire by clicking HERE.

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Week 1: June 10-14, 2019 Pfun with Physics (Ages: 2.9-12) THIS WEEK IS FULL

Lead teachers: Liz Love and Joan Tansi

Ages 2.9-K:
Spark the inner physicist in your child as we experiment with the laws of motion using concrete materials. We will ask and respond to scientific questions related to motion, for example, what is a chain reaction? In lower camp we will build contraptions using various materials to create inventions that cause chain reactions. We will experiment with simple machines and learn how they conserve our energy. We will look at historical inventions and recreate them using popsicle sticks, tape, and plastic spoons.

Ages 6-12:
What does It take to get things moving and keep things moving? During the week we’ll be working with the Laws of Motion while using gravity, force, motion and momentum to our advantage. We’ll be harnessing potential energy to maximize kinetic energy in order to create chain reactions. We’ll look for inspiration in Rube Goldberg machines as well as historic inventions including catapults and trebuchets. How else can we save up and use potential energy? Come join us to find out! Afternoons will include calming yoga sessions with Miss Hiral.  


Week 2 June 17-21, 2019 Maker Space and the Great Outdoors (2.9-K) / Math Patterns in Nature, Gardening, and Elementary Sampler (Ages 6-12)

·Lead teachers: Liz Love, Joan Tansi, Jean Anderson


Ages 2.9-K: Maker Space and the Great Outdoors

Come use your design and engineering skills to make things out of recyclable materials and other items found in nature. We’ll spend the week looking for and recreating patterns found during nature scavenger hunts. We’ll create our own mandalas and plant and vegetable prints. We will use materials to create and explore the effects of erosion. We will also create soil free planters, seedling pots, barometers, and rain gauges.


Ages 6-12:Math Patterns in Nature, Gardening, and Elementary Sampler
Campers will seek out mathematical patterns found during nature scavenger hunts. We’ll explore, sketch our observations, and make designs using the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, and fractals. We’ll create our own fractals (including 3D!), tessellations, mandalas, and plant and vegetable prints. We’ll also create designs with robots while learning about iteration and self-similarity in the patterns. This work will be mixed with steady doses of gardening with Miss Jean. Join us celebrating our glorious June mornings in nature! We will tend and encourage growth in our pollinator garden and taste the harvest of the early summer raised-bed garden. Let's get our hands dirty!

Afternoons will include Studio Art (mask making) with Miss Karen and drumming circles with Miss Mary Jo.

Week 3 June 24-28, 2019 In the Deep, Deep Sea (Ages: 2.9-9)

Lead Teacher: Lumpoon Sungkharom

We will uncover the mysteries of the Mariana Trench on a voyage to the planet’s deepest point. After learning information about this fascinating part of our earth, surely your child’s imagination will run wild! We will create our own sea creatures. No need to be afraid of making mistakes because we will let imaginations and artistic abilities flourish. A visit from our friends from the New England Aquarium will be a highlight of the week’s adventures.


Week 4 (July 8-12) Paleontology and Astronomy (Bones and Stars)

Lead Teacher: Liz Love

We will explore space, learning about stars, galaxies, and our solar system. We will construct a solar system to scale.  We will discover how the Earth was created and examine some of the earlier forms of life on the planet. We will go on a scientific exploration around Summit’s playgrounds to discover the variety of plants and animals that live here now, and go on an archeological dig to discover remains of the past in the form of bones and fossils.

Week 5 July 15-19, 2019 It’s Nature’s Way (Ages: 2.9-9)

Lead Teacher: Marian Wallace

Explore all that Mother Nature has to offer in the splendor of summer. We will focus on nature crafts, including creating a bird feeder, exploring sun prints and crafting dragonflies from items found in nature.

Naturalists will enjoy a scavenger hunt, caring for the garden beds, a trip to Lil’ Folk Farm in Holliston and of course, playing in the sprinkler and water table!


Week 6 July 22-26, 2019 Food, Glorious Food (and other things, too!) (Ages: 2.9-9)

Lead Teacher: Hiral Desai

We all love to prepare foods and to eat them! During this week we will spend five days with five food groups, focusing on one food group each day (Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein, and Dairy). The days will be filled with preparation and consumption of food items based on the food group of the day, integrating food art along with various fun activities and lessons. Cooking and a trip to the Farmers’ Market are planned!

Week 7 July 29-August 2, 2019 Woodland Whimsy (Ages: 2.9-9)

Lead Teacher:  Katrina O’Gahan

Amongst the mossy corners, ferny thatches, and forgotten tree stumps live laughing gnomes and ethereal fairies, or so I hear. Come join us on a hunt! We will pursue a fading giggle, listen for the rustle of footfalls on crunchy leaves, and watch for a glimpse of arms and legs on retreating wings. We will entice our little forest spirits to come stay by building homes for them and boats to sail upon. Perhaps we will even have a fairy tea! Outdoor exploration and imagination will be balanced with indoor creativity and whimsical literature. But what would a fairy boat be without water? So be ready to get wet as we discover how well our boats float. Fairy wings and gnome hats are welcome!​

Week 8 August 5-9, 2019 Visual Arts and Drama 1: Make Art/ Explore Big Ideas (Ages: 2.9-9)

Lead Teacher: Antoinette Falzone​

Play with possibilities and create treasures from materials that would otherwise be trash.

We will explore the chemistry of art, the art of chemistry and the magic of bringing the two together. Melting, mixing, shaping, during weeks 8 and 9 campers get logical, experimental and artistical* as they mix up take home treasures. No magic wand required.

Children will also create whole new set of handmade characters for imaginary play. Dramatic play and story telling will be a daily part of the mix.

Week 9 August 12-16, 2019 Visual Arts and Drama (2): Roll It, Fold It, Bend It (Ages: 2.9-9)

Lead Teacher: Antoinette Falzone

During this week we will take flat (2D) supplies and engineer them into smart projects that are multi-dimensional.  It takes a special kind of can-do attitude to engineer structures that withstand play and / or travel. We're building that problem-solving muscle by offering children the opportunity to tinker and think.

Imaginary play, drama, and storytelling continues with handmade characters. 

Week 10 August 19-23, 2019       Dragonflies, Monarch, and Crickets, oh my!  (Ages: 2.9-K) / Circus Arts (Ages 6-12) 

 Lead Teachers: Katrina O’Gahan, Brandon Magnuson

Dragonflies, Butterflies, and Butterflies Oh My! (2.9-K)

Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? What does the world look like through the multifaceted eyes of a dragonfly? How did the firefly earn its name? Budding entomologists and outdoors-y types will delight in learning the answers to these questions and more as we learn to identify local varieties and why they are weird, wonderful, and valuable members of our community. We will spend a generous amount of time outside observing our winged friends, then turn observation into inspiration creating fun and beautiful art indoors. Like insects, entomologists and outdoorsy types need water too, so we will enjoy some water play as well!

Circus Arts (Ages 6-12)
Ladies and Gentlemen!  Step right up and join the circus! Join circus veteran Mr. Brandon for a week of learning juggling, balancing, and other fun circus skills. There will also be circus themed crafts and even some circus show-and-tell with souvenirs from Mr. Brandon's time under the big top. Come throw your hat into the ring!