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Sixth Grade Spotlight  - Maia Chandler

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sixth Grade Spotlight 

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring one of our Sixth Graders in each Monday Update.  It has been a pleasure and delight to spend time with each of the six and learn even more about them.  Today we will be featuring Maia Chandler.

Anyone who knows Maia knows that she is passionate about swimming.  She dedicates many hours each week to practice and aspires to be in the Olympics one day.  She loves doing the 2000 IM which is a medley of all the strokes, the 50m fly and 100m fly.  When asked about someone who inspires her, she named Rhi  Jeffreys, one of her coaches.  Rhi was a competitive swimmer in the 2004 Summer Olympics. Maia’s senior project is about the history of swimming.  Be sure to hear all about it on May 31st!

Maia also loves cooking and doing art projects.  She told me that she wants to be a teacher by day and a swim coach by night. When asked if she wanted to be a Montessori teacher she replied, “Of course! I can’t imagine not being able to have them and watch them over three years. I really value that.”

Maia has a dog named Buddy, a black lab/pit bull mix and a cat named Garfield who is a Scottish fold breed.  She said that the three things she loves most are swimming, children, and Summit.

Maia’s favorite part about coming to Summit is that it is just her home away from home and she gets a great feeling coming to school.

Her favorite book is The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Bradley.

She had a hard time narrowing down her favorite part of the trip to the Montessori Model UN.  She enjoyed every minute and loved getting out in New York, the feeling of being in the big crowds and experiencing the culture of the city.  While exciting, Times Square could be a bit overwhelming especially for their new friends from Kenya who came from a remote village.  She had told her teachers there were three things she wanted to see in NYC- someone hailing a cab, the horses in Central Park and getting stuck in traffic. (Not many I know would say they wanted to experience that!)She said that Miss Liz and Miss Janice made sure she got to experience all three! 

Maia has had two internships so far.  The first was with Miss Martha and she worked on an alumni project. She interviewed four alumni and wrote news articles about them; one for the UE newsletter and the other for the website.  She reported that she got to learn more about what it is like to leave Summit from different perspectives, some who went to Rivers which is a bigger, more regimented school and also those who went to another Montessori School.  Her second internship has been in
Children’s House 1 where she does lessons with the children, listen to them read, or helps in other ways the teachers suggest.

Next year Maia will be attending Dana Hall and will be missed here at Summit!