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Planting the Berry Loop

Jen Kettell and Maddi D’Aquila of Radiant Leaf were here this morning to continue planting the naturescape on the elementary playground.  Today’s project was “the berry loop”.  Lower Elementary students helped plant pink snowberry bushes, blueberries, several kinds of conifers and some Alabama Crimson honeysuckle vines.  The goal of this area of the naturescape is to provide fruit for the birds who visit.    

The students not only got their hands dirty helping to plant, they picked up useful gardening information as well.  They learned that the reason trees are not planted too deep is that the roots need oxygen to grow.  Roots buried too deeply suffocate.  They learned that the reason roots are "massaged" to uncurl them after being removed from the pot and before being planted, is that without taking this important step, the roots will continue to grow in a circular pattern rather than spreading out to provide a healthy base for the shrub.  They shared what they knew about compost with the team from Radiant Leaf.  Thanks to Summit's ongoing composting program - they had a lot to share!  Our beautiful new shrubs will provide pink and blue berries, cones, and flower blossoms for our avian friends and a feast for the eyes of our students, faculty and other visitors.