Visual Toolkit

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Useful Reading Aides

The reading guide button allows the user to have a reading guide that will appear on the y & x axis. (Think of it like using your finger to guide you eyes over the words you should be reading on a book).

The hightlight reading guide button allows the user to have a reading guide that will highlight a strip on the page to view.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Summit Montessori Parent Association (SMPA) believes that the best way to feel connected to the school community is by forming relationships. All SMPA volunteer opportunities are friendship–building opportunities. We hope that you join us for some good work and good laughs—all in support of our school!


Committees provide ongoing assistance to the school. We welcome your participation. Please contact the committee leader with questions.

The Materials Committee provides support to teachers by meeting weekly to cut, copy, paste, and laminate classroom materials.


“The Materials Committee serves a vital purpose for teachers and students at Summit. We count on our parent volunteers each week to assist us with tasks that we might otherwise be doing for several hours after school and on weekends. We consider the Materials Committee our Montessori angels! They provide a service to the entire community, as they help prepare new materials to put on our shelves for the students. Thank you!”


 Lower Elementary co-teacher


Volunteering at Summit can be for an hour a semester, an hour a month or an hour a week. Whether you volunteer in the classroom, host a playground drop-in or take photos at an event, every hour you spend will directly benefit all of our children.

Start small. We know how it feels to start a project and suddenly find it’s taking twice as much time as we wanted to give. We don’t want anyone to feel “volunteer’s remorse!” Spend your time at Summit doing things you enjoy and you may just find you want to come back for more!

Share your ideas. Please share your talents, suggestions and experiences. Reach out to us at any time to let us know what you’re thinking or to learn more about SMPA volunteer opportunities.

Getting started is easy! We kindly ask parents to:

Complete and submit our online Parent Volunteer Information Form and a member of SMPA will follow up with you via email.

In accordance with Massachusetts regulations, Summit must have a complete CORI form on file. Please fill out a CORI form and bring it to the office with one form of photo identification.