Welcome Statement

Welcome to Summit Montessori School!

I am delighted that you are connecting with us online; I encourage you to take the time in the near future to visit and get to know us in person, as well.

Summit Montessori is a vibrant community of learners that evolved 20 years ago due to the passion and diligence of a handful of dedicated parents to the beauty, structure, and innate wisdom of the Montessori philosophy. Today our “small by design” gem of a school encompasses six classrooms of learners from ages 18 months through twelve years. Our beautiful and carefully designed learning environments inhabit and exhibit the very best of what Montessori education has to offer to today’s children: an enriched, time-tested, and yet innovative, curriculum that supports the unfolding of each individual child’s potential while embracing each within a culture of collaboration, community, critical thinking, and creativity.

We aim to nurture and challenge each child in all aspects of his or her development: academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Our curriculum is engaging and challenging, its delivery personalized. As a result, our students are voracious learners who depart from Summit with their innate love of learning intact and with a deep sense of purpose, community, responsibility, and self-discipline. On a routine basis, our students reach across cultures and perspectives, collaborating with others even while studiously attending to their own individual tasks and needs. These are truly the learners and leaders that the world needs and anticipates as we surge more deeply into the complexities of the 21st century!

I invite you to come, meet with us, and observe us in action, as seeing is believing. We look forward to your visit.

Martha Torrence, Head of School

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