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Summit Montessori School

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Mission and Values

Our Mission

Summit Montessori School is a community dedicated to developing respectful, self-motivated, life-long learners. Through a challenging, individualized, Montessori-based curriculum, children cultivate their strengths to reach their unique potential and to become active participants in the global community.

Summit Montessori School Values

The Summit Montessori School community includes teachers, administrators, students, parents, alumni and friends of the school. This list of values helps define our community and guide our interactions and growth:

  • We are a respectful and inclusive community, embracing individuality with interest, excitement, and wonder.
  • Together, we build a close community that supports one another like a family. We cherish the many benefits that our small school offers.
  • We create a noble and dignified environment that honors our students and families. Our rich and beautifully prepared classrooms invite students to learn, explore, and feel at home.
  • We base our strong, experiential academic program on Montessori’s learner-centered philosophy. As a school community we seek out and explore new ideas, curriculum, and experiences.
  • We teach and practice peace and conflict resolution in our classrooms, work for peace in the world around us, and are mindful of our impact on the earth.
  • Above all, we know and value each individual, educating and nurturing the whole child with love and dignity.