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Our Sixth Grade Diplomats Take Manhattan by (Peaceful) Storm!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Montessori Model United Nations is a very big deal!  Summit Montessori's 6th grade students have anticipated their participation in it since they arrived in Upper Elementary at Summit as 4th graders.  

Each attending school represented a country (or more) and at this year’s MMUN Conference Summit represented Zimbabwe and Kenya.  While at MMUN Summit students acted as Ambassadors from those countries, advocating for the people who live there.  All Upper Elementary students helped with research, learning the geography, history, economy, and culture of Zimbabwe and Kenya.  All students assisted with the preparation of display boards for each country.  Sixth grade students sewed flags for their countries.  4th and 5th graders served as audience and provided feedback while the 6th graders practiced their presentations.  

Earlier this month Summit sent six 6th graders to New York City to participate in the Montessori Model UN.  They traveled by bus with students from Riverbend School and checked into their hotel where the caucusing and presenting, negotiating and collaborating took place.  On Saturday, March 17, students went to the General Assembly of the United Nations where they addressed the 2500 students in attendance and took votes on the various proposals that were made, modified and agreed upon.  

The broad topics included the eradication of poverty, the rights of indigenous peoples, the rights of disabled people, strengthening the United Nations and increasing diplomatic protection for travelers.  Students wrote detailed position papers on these topics that included a description of the problem, past international action on it, and possible solutions.  These position papers were the basis of all negotiation and debate at the conference.  Summit students submitted their position papers early in February, and used the time remaining to prepare displays, create flags and practice public speaking.  

Montessori Model United Nations was an intense and challenging learning experience for Summit’s 6th graders.  They practiced skills they have acquired during their years at Summit – public speaking, collaboration, advocating for their position, negotiating compromise and reaching consensus.  Oh, and there was time for some sight-seeing and great food as well!