Parents as Partners

As stated in our Core Values, we are committed to being “a respectful and inclusive community, embracing individuality with interest, excitement, and wonder.” This translates to a culture in which we:

    • Welcome new families with openness.
    • Accept and respect one another and ourselves.
    • Approach our work and relationships with flexibility and appreciation of differences.
    • Incorporate the cultures, languages, religions, and traditions of the world.

Summit is a school that is “small by design.” Our size enables us to build a close community that supports one another like a family. We cherish the many benefits that our small school offers, including:

      • The ability to know our students and families well, and for them to know each other.
      • The ability to foster relationships between students of different ages and class levels.
      • The opportunities for all our community members to be both learners and teachers.

Parent & Family Involvement

Summit’s vitality relies on active support from parents and families in our community. Voluntary contributions of time, talent, and financial gifts enable our programs to flourish and be the strongest they can be. Therefore, every year, we ask all members of the Summit Montessori community: “Please give as generously as you can!”

Opportunities to participate vary and abound. Examples include:

        • Giving to the annual Summit Fund
        • Volunteering to lead or participate on a Board committee
        • Assisting with specific events like the Spring Auction through time and/or item donation

Summit Montessori Parent Association (SMPA)
A primary way that Summit partners with parents and family supporters is through the Summit Montessori Parent Association (SMPA). SMPA is a collaboration of parents and school staff to plan, organize, and mobilize our community’s volunteers in the most helpful way possible.

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