Summer at Summit 2023!

Summer at Summit offers an enriching extension to the Summit school year for toddlers through elementary-aged children. Enrolled children enjoy the beauty and pace of the more relaxed summer months, with preschoolers and elementary students engaged in themes that range from sharks and oceans to plants and nature, to space and the Earth and dinosaurs. Each week features a specific theme, and all sessions include art activities, sprinkler time, outdoor adventures and time in the Montessori classroom.  Our youngest students, the Beginners, benefit from the consistency and familiarity of their beautiful toddler classroom with varied summer-based activities and art projects, plenty of outdoor time, and the company of trusted teachers and friends. We are very pleased with the variety and quality of the theme-based sessions that we plan to offer, all of which are led by our wonderful and experienced Summit staff. We hope that your child will join us for a few weeks or the entire summer as we learn, grow, and enjoy the riches of the summer season together!

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