Visual Toolkit

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Useful Reading Aides

The reading guide button allows the user to have a reading guide that will appear on the y & x axis. (Think of it like using your finger to guide you eyes over the words you should be reading on a book).

The hightlight reading guide button allows the user to have a reading guide that will highlight a strip on the page to view.

Parent and Family Involvement


What is the SMPA?

The SMPA is the Summit Montessori Parent Association. We are a volunteer group  with a  mission to encourage parent involvement at the school and create opportunities for our community of families to connect throughout the school year.  The Summit Montessori Parent Association (SMPA) believes that the best way to feel connected to the school community is by forming relationships. All SMPA volunteer opportunities are friendship–building opportunities. We hope that you join us for some good work and good laughs—all in support of our school!

How do I join SMPA?

If you are a parent of a Summit student, you are IN! All parents of children attending Summit are members of the SMPA and are encouraged to participate and get involved in SMPA events and activities.

How can I get involved?

There are MANY opportunities to volunteer throughout year – from coordinating a special event (like pizza night at Uno’s) to helping set up the book fair to bringing a dish to a potluck meal.  Click here to read more.


SMPA Leadership Team: Dennis Milan, Nahdia Pirzada, Lane Rebelo