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News from the Admissions Office

Please join us in welcoming two new families to our Beginners classroom.  Mikey Aia is one of the new Beginners and his parents are Michael and Brina. Nishaad Rao has also joined us and his parents are Bhargavi and Pradeep. We hope everyone will welcome them heartily when they see them!  

Sid Grays has moved up to Children’s House 2 and Kaavya Iyengar and Zain Ahmed have moved up to Children’s House 1.  If you are a parent in either of those classroom, please welcome them to your ranks as well.

Our next Welcome Wednesday will be on January 10th from 9-10 am.  If you have friends or neighbors who would like to see Summit while it is in session, please encourage them to call and register or go online to do so.

Our winter Open House will be on Saturday, January 27th from 10 am to noon.  We are looking for families to help with the event, post lawn signs in their yards or in their neighborhoods and to share the event with family, friends and neighbors!

 A recent idea was shared with me that I would like to pass along.  Some schools ask their families who own businesses to post lawn signs at their business as well. If you are a business owner and would be willing to post a sign for us that would be wonderful.

 I will have signs available starting at the end of this week for those who are willing to pick up.  If the ground is too frozen you can take my lead and staple it to a telephone or utility pole nearby or stick it in the snow. With our frozen tundra,  I don’t think the snow will melt anytime soon.