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Montessori's Creation Story

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

We begin each year with Montessori’s Creation Story, which is one of five great lessons that make up the Montessori Cosmic Curriculum. It contains a group of impressionistic lessons explaining the beginning of life. This year, the Third-Year students performed several experiments showing in a sensorial, experiential way how scientists believe that life began. To illustrate water molecules, they used marbles rolling over one another; covering a map of Massachusetts with a layer of sand shows that there are more stars in the sky than grains of sand that cover our entire state. In fact, the pile of stars would be more than a half-mile deep! And the Third-Year students tried to place just one grain of sand in each of the students’ hands to represent our sun and explain that one millionth of a grain represents our Earth! The experiments and more form the basis of our studies ranging from geography and geology to creative writing and acting. The Creation story inspires wonder in the children, inviting them to question and explore their world. As we read creation stories from different cultures, stay tuned for original stories from the students!