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"Me Do It!"

“Me Do It!” Creating an Engaging Toddler Home Environment

Join us Friday, May 18, at 1 pm for an informative look at how you can “toddler enrich” your home to create an environment where your child will thrive.  “Me Do It” is a familiar toddler phrase and the goal of a Montessori education is to make that possible.  Simple changes you can make at home; providing small pitchers and cups so that your child can pour their own drinks, putting puzzles and toys on low shelves that your child can access independently, allowing them the time and support to put on their own easy to wear clothing are just a few of the many ideas to be shared.

You will also have time to explore the Summit Montessori toddler environment, talk to the teachers and learn how they support and encourage independence and growth during this period of development.