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Summit Montessori School

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Library Schdule

Library Schedule  

The schedule for the first half of November is as follows:

Tuesday, October 31 - Children's House 3
Friday, November 3 - Children's House 2
                                   Lower Elementary
Monday, November 6 - Children's House 1
Thursday, November 16 - Beginners

If your child attends AfterCare or visits the library with you after school, you are welcome to check out books for them.  A clipboard is located on the wall in the "stage" area.  Please use it to record your child's name, the date and the book's barcode (located on the back cover in the right corner, example T13547).

Parent Library

Our parent collection is also a great resource and we encourage you to visit it and borrow books that interest you.  It is located at the bottom of the stairs in the AfterCare space.  The sign-out sheet is on a clipboard on the wall there.  

Books listed on both the student clipboard and the parent clipboard will be added to the library database, so you may just return them to the book drop box at the front of the school - no need to sign them back in on the clipboards.

Summit's Collection

Our school collection currently stands at 15,638 volumes!