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Useful Reading Aides

The reading guide button allows the user to have a reading guide that will appear on the y & x axis. (Think of it like using your finger to guide you eyes over the words you should be reading on a book).

The hightlight reading guide button allows the user to have a reading guide that will highlight a strip on the page to view.

Our Programs

From an academic standpoint, the goal of our programs is to ensure that students receive an education that prepares them for middle and high school, for undergraduate and graduate pursuits, and, ultimately, for life. We take this responsibility seriously and it shows! Well-rounded, thoughtful, joyful, inquisitive, and socially responsible: this is the description of a Summit Montessori student.

Beginners Program is designed to meet the developmental needs of children who are just starting on their educational journeys. (Ages 18–36 months)

Children’s House

Children’s House brings together preschool through Kindergarten age students in a dynamic learning environment that addresses their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical developmental needs. (Ages 3–6 years)

Please click here for a video by the American Montessori Society about
the Kindergarten Year

Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary program engages students in first, second, and third grades in a wide range of academic subjects with a focus on building critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills. (Ages 6-9)

The Elementary Years – An American Montessori Society Video

Upper Elementary

Upper Elementary program guides students in grades four through six through greater academic challenges and toward emerging adolescence with an emphasis on organization, independence, and responsibility, as well as respect and curiosity for the world around them. (Ages 9-12)