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Keeping up with the graduates

Monday, February 25, 2019

Catching Up with Hanne


It was great fun chatting with Hanne this fall about her new school. Hanne is continuing her Montessori journey at Riverbend joining her friends Elwyn and Kara.Although she doesn’t have any classes with them, she does still see them at lunch and recess.Hanne shared that she was kind of nervous at first but she really likes her new teachers and getting grades as they give her specific targets to strive for.

Hanne, a lover of history and politics, enjoyed a wonderful trip to Washington D.C, this summer. She reported what fun it was to see the White House, the Capital Building, the Air and Space Museum, the Smithsonian and Ford Theater.It reminded her of the feeling she had when attending the Montessori Model UN last year; that these places really represent importance.When she visited the Postal Museum, interestingly enough, there was an Alexander Hamilton exhibit.Those of you who attended Senior Project Night in May will remember Hamilton was the topic of her Senior Project.

When asked about interesting projects she had been doing, Hanne told us about a recent history presentation she had completed. As part of her presentation, reported from the stance of a Revolutionary War tour guide.She also reported a project in which she was asked to create a new organism, and hers was a jellyfish butterfly.

She enjoys going to the Natick Community Organic Farm with the other middle school students. While at the farm, they participate in many of the farm chores: feeding animals, planting and even get pecked by the turkeys!

Hanne said that being in the middle school still has the Montessori feel but with a lot more structure. She has guidance without pressuring and education-wise she is experiencing a variety of interesting new topics. Hanne is having lots of fun and made an excellent adjustment to this next level of challenge, but misses the opportunity to interact with kids of all ages as she did at Summit.