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Keeping up with the graduates

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Summit Grad Goes on the Road

Dennis (Summit sixth grade grad in June, 2018) and his family have been on the move since school ended in June! Taking full advantage of Dad’s sabbatical, the family has been to New Hampshire, Chicago, Peru, and will be heading to India in December.

The family attended the Highland Games at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire enjoying great food, highland dance, drumming, harp and fiddle presentations from youth to professional performances. Dennis and his younger sister Dacey also enjoyed gondola rides and cave explorations. Dennis reported that his favorite event was the caber toss. He explained that tents were set up representing each clan.

In Chicago, Dennis enjoyed visiting a Chicago Bears game, the amazing aquarium, and at the field museum saw an anaconda so long he couldn’t even see his head!

Peru was next on their list, staying at the Inkaterra which Dennis reports is one of the 15 best resorts in the world.The family’s time at Machu Picchu was the biggest part of the excursion to Peru, and he and Dacey both found it amazing; it was so huge and so high up with rushing rivers around it.Dennis also shared that there were tons of abandoned buildings, fully intact because the builders had gotten word that the Spaniards were coming. They all left quickly, and so Machu Picchu was not discovered by the Spaniards. He told us that the most interesting thing he learned there was that Machu Picchu was never finished. They saw huge spiders with tiny bodies and huge legs as well as strange colorful ants with red, orange, yellow, and white on top. The freezing cold water from the underground spring was another surprise!

Due to the family’s travel schedule Dennis is primary home schooling and working with a tutor. When asked how it felt to be working with a tutor this year, Dennis said that it has been fun while working on geography, reading, grammar, and math.He also just started going to the Macomber School two days a week and has found it very enjoyable.He stated that there is a huge land area there with cliffs and even some blocked off caves. He recently joined a club there in which he works on a more challenging version of Minecraft called Terraria. He is amazed by an 8-year-old who has beat the game several times and has duplicated items.

We had to ask, of course, if Dennis had a new book to recommend. His suggestion is to read Boys on the Boat by Daniel James Brown. He is currently reading it and says it is a pretty cool story.

We are looking forward to Dennis coming to make a presentation about the family’s trip to Peru for Upper Elementary while Dacey meets with her friends in Lower Elementary!