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"I Wish I'd Learned Math That Way"

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

One feature that immediately impresses most parents who enroll their child in a Montessori program is the beauty and logic of the Montessori math curriculum. Montessori math is an experientially based, comprehensive and systematic approach that inculcates mathematical logic and thinking in the child and develops core math skills that last for a lifetime. Skills are learned and facts are mastered from the inside out; each child experiences the math curriculum in a hands-on way that encourages repetition and leads to visualization of mathematical patterns and eventual abstraction. The child’s exploration also leads to joy in the beauty of the number system and its intricacies.  Many adults, upon experiencing the Montessori math curriculum for the first time, reflect on their own learning-math-by-rote educations and exclaim, “I wish I’d learned math that way!”

On Thursday, November 2 from 6:30-8 pm you have the exciting opportunity to experience the scope and exquisite logic of the Montessori math curriculum.  Summit teachers from the Beginners through the Upper Elementary levels will offer sequential snapshots of our math curriculum and demonstrate its progression from simple to complex, concrete to gradually more abstract.

Please join us for an experiential and engaging evening of mathematical exploration. Perhaps you’ll leave with a deep understanding of what a cube root is, or what decimal fractions are. Perhaps you’ll realize the importance of zero, introduced in a concrete way to our 3-and-4-year-olds, then, for our older learners, assuming great importance as a place holder in the decimal system. Hopefully you will gain an understanding of Montessori education’s “spiraling curriculum”, which exposes students to repetition of concepts over time, enabling them to build on the knowledge they already possess, delve more deeply into its details, and see connections/develop deeper understandings each step of the way. You will certainly learn a great deal about how and with what tools your child experiences the world of mathematics every day. Join us!

Child care for Children’s House through elementary students will be available free of charge for this event, but please remember to SIGN UP for care (with Louise Carroll in the front office) so that we can arrange for adequate staffing. 

We will work our way from Children’s House through the Lower and Upper Elementary math curricula, ending in Upper El with a participatory session guided by our students. Please plan to begin your journey at 6:30 pm with the Children’s House teachers and to remain for the entire experience. We hope to see you there!