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Field Trip to the Danforth Museum

Friday, October 11, 2019

As Elementary students entered the art studio during the first week of October, they squealed with delight when they caught sight of a surprising “mini-museum.” Framed and labeled works of art, including copies of the Mona Lisa, a print by Hokusai and an authentic Navajo Kachina doll, adorned a corner of the art room. Children learned how to glean information from museum labels about artists and media. They gained practice on how observe and react to art in a museum setting, as well as how to sketch the pieces with appropriate respect.

All these skills were put to use on October 3rd when Elementary students visited our new neighbor, The Danforth Museum.  Acquired by the Framingham State University, the Danforth moved into its new home on the Town Common this past spring. Walking two-by-two, with 3rd Year students setting the pace, children arrived safely. With the help of a partner, each student completed a “Scavenger Hunt.”  Weaving in and out of the galleries, boys and girls hunted for artwork that included warm or cool colors, objects used in unexpected ways, and art that showed the same thing in different ways.

Students were most intrigued by the current exhibit, entitled, Dressed. Featuring the work of six contemporary artists, garments and body adornments were displaying in fascinating ways. Many students were captivated by the series of dresses made from aluminum foil, as well as outrageous, oversized hats. Elementary students completed their visit by sitting in front of a favorite work of art to sketch. It was difficult to leave at lunch time as students were entranced by the works of art in the Museum.

Our exciting field trip ended with a picnic on the Town Common and shopping at the Farmers Market (with a stop to meet two alpacas!)