Jean Anderson

Summit Naturalist and Lower Elementary Assistant Teacher

BA University of Bridgeport
MA University of New Mexico

Jean Anderson joined Summit in 2002. After teaching a 3-year cycle with children ages 3-6, she moved to the Lower Elementary classroom and has found a perfect match. She believes that the Montessori fundamentals that she taught in Children’s House have given her teaching the breadth and foundation for children’s transition into the more demanding curriculum of Lower Elementary. The clarity and logic of the math materials, in particular, stand out in Jean’s mind as a symbol of just how effective Montessori learning can be. Jean weaves her skills and love of gardening, reading, and writing stories into works and lessons. She believes that children and nature are intertwined and works to foster that link both inside and outside the classroom. Jean seeks out and celebrates the unique in the world and her individual students and inspires children to do the same. Yoga helps Jean balance the elements of her busy classroom and individual student priorities.

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