Jackie Landry

Beginners and Children's House Music Teacher

BA, Western State College

Certificate in Professional Music/Songwriting at Berkee College of Music

Jackie has spent a lifetime learning, practicing, writing, teaching, and performing music. As a Berklee College of Music student and administrative staff member for over 10 years, Jackie has a genuine drive for the teaching and appreciation of music. Jackie has been teaching music for over 20 years.  She joined Summit in 2013 and embraced the Montessori philosophy quickly. Jackie has studied specific music methods such as Dalcroze, Eurhythmics, Orff, and Kodaly, and has incorporated these important methods into her teaching style. In 2002, she created “Minizicians”, an original children’s music program for the Community Music School in Leominster, MA. She has been a member of two children’s bands, “Super Cool Beans” and “The Green Apple Kids” and continues to perform periodically in small library settings with fellow musicians. Jackie brings a true spirit and love for music and its importance to our children in their daily lives. Jackie says “I have the best job in the world, teaching one of the most enjoyable subjects to the most important and valuable members of our human race, our children”.

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