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Summit Montessori School's number one priority is the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.


Our parents and staff have a high standard of commitment to health and safety and a safe learning environment in which everyone can thrive. To that end, Summit Montessori School has developed a robust Covid-19 response plan to address the realities that this uniquely challenging time presents. The six major tenets of the plan can be found below.

For a more complete dive into our plans, see here.


Mask Wearing

All students over the age of 2 and the faculty and staff are asked to wear masks indoors and outdoors. Appropriately distanced mask breaks for eating and resting will take place throughout the day.


Physical Distancing

By leveraging our small class sizes and ample classroom spaces we can enhance the practice of physical distancing throughout the building. The Montessori prepared environment has been engineered to encourage the practice in all classroom spaces.


Hygiene and Campus Sanitation

An increased attention to hand washing and sanitation of materials and "high touch" surfaces is in full swing throughout the campus - in classrooms, on the playgrounds, and throughout the hallways and bathrooms.


Limiting Group Size & Exposure

Each classroom serves as its own pod of children. Pods do not cross each other in the hallways or on the playgrounds. Each pod has dedicated staff members that do not "float" from one classroom to another.


Outdoor Learning

Throughout the year, classes will be taking advantage of our outdoor spaces including the pollinator garden, nature path, playgrounds, and log circle for lunchtimes, lessons, and recreation.


Health Screening & Wellness

Summit has put into place a robust set of protocols to both screen students' health before entry to campus and determine eligibility for return to school after any illness. There are also plans in place to keep parents and staff informed about the health of the community.