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Bringing Montessori Home - Supporting Your Child's Education Outside of School

Friday, September 29, 2017

Parents often ask, “How can I have my child put things away at home like they do at school?” This week Summit parents learned how to do that during Kristen Ancker’s talk on Taking Montessori Home.  Kristen Ancker, our guest speaker, shared many wonderful ideas with those who attended the SMPA (Summit Montessori Parent Association) coffee.  Handouts from the presentation have been shared via ParentSquare.

Kristin discussed ways to prepare your home environment making it possible for your child to be more independent and organized.  She also spoke about the child’s intrinsic need to have order, ground rules and constructive perceptions about themselves, others, and the world.

Just as teachers prepare themselves to be good role models in the classroom, parents were encouraged to do the same.  Kristin explained that parents model at home by taking care of themselves, by handling conflict at a time of calm, by using encouragement instead of praise and rewards, by being consistent, setting ground rules, and making special time to share. 

She shared the following quote, “Routine is to a child what walls are to a house.” Anyone who has had a child dissolve into tears because a routine has been changed, knows exactly what she means. Those daily routines help the child organize his or her thoughts, prepare for the day, and develop concentration.

We want to thank Kristen Ancker for sharing her expertise and experience with us.  Kristen is a Montessori teacher, school consultant, and presents positive discipline education programs. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about this talk.