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Ask a Veteran

Monday, December 11, 2017

Twice a week, we ask the students to respond in writing to a question from the teachers. This gives the children practice putting their opinions in writing and formulating sentences that are designed to include the subject of the prompt question.

For Veterans Day, we asked the students the following questions. First writing prompt: How will you honor veterans on Veterans Day? Second writing prompt: If you could ask a veteran any question, what would it be? The students’ responses elicited thoughtful conversations about helping the country and how to you thank someone who has done something for you. By their request, we sent the questions and comments to a veteran, Miss Jean’s brother-in-law. He was delighted to correspond with them. His responses are in italics. 

On Veterans Day, I will honor veterans by saying thank you. Hauke

What did you do to help the country? Hannah

I served in the U.S. Army, including one year in Vietnam.

On Veterans Day I will honor veterans by being grateful for them or by making cards. I would ask a veteran when they started so I can make a card for them and know how many years they have been helping the country because veterans are very nice and I want to give each one a cupcake. Sage

Cupcakes are great. I’ve already served my country and would do it again if I could.

I would tell a veteran thank you for protecting us. Lily

That’s a good thing to say. All veterans really appreciate it.

If I run into a veteran I would say thank you. If I could ask a veteran anything, I would ask what kind of veteran they were. William

I am a U.S. Army veteran.

On Veterans Day I will honor veterans by making cards because it would be nice. I would ask a veteran what they worked on because I want to know how they helped people. It would be cool to know. Dacey

I was an officer and my main job was to help my soldiers stay alive.

On Veterans Day I would ask a veteran, “Are you in the Army or the Coast Guard?” Finn

I was in the Army.

On Veterans Day I am going to make cards. I would ask him or her, “How was your time in the Army?” Annie

It had its good moments and had its bad moments. I was proud to serve my country.

On Veterans Day I will honor veterans by giving them cake and flowers that are roses. I would ask a veteran when their birthday is because I want to know a lot of birthdays. Amna

Amna, my birthday starts with the same letter as your name, August3rd. I love both flowers and cake, especially chocolate cake with pink icing.

I would ask a veteran do they have to take a test to be part of the Army or Navy or the other army names. And how was it like?

I had to take a medical test, then I had to go through training and take more tests, physical and written.

Was it dangerous?

Yes. It was very dangerous.

Did you get hurt?

No. I didn’t.

When you fought the other side, did they shout insults at you?

No, they didn’t shout at me and I wouldn’t shout at you, Lilly. You are too sweet.

Well, if they did, I know how it feels. And I hope you’re feelings are as warm as mine. Lilly Rose.

My feelings are very warm for you and your classmates. Thanks to the entire class for honoring Veterans Day. First Lieutenant David Sides