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Friday, March 12, 2021





Emma at Natures classroom

Emma was a beloved member of our Summit community from the tender age of 4 until she graduated as a sixth grader this past June. Those of us who got to know Emma throughout her time at Summit remember her fondly for her engaging smile, outgoing personality, love of working with the younger children, competitive spirit, and strong work ethic. Emma is well remembered for her ability to organize small businesses within the school, particularly several student-organized bake sales that targeted their profits to selected charities. 

Emma now attends middle school in the Hopkinton School District. She is on a “hybrid” schedule, which means that she is in school live every other school day, attending live two days one week and three days the next. On the at-home days she is responsible to work on her own from home. “They give us work to do that day, but there’s no zoom. I have a responsibility to get that done by 2 pm every day. We use an app called Schoology with folders that tell us what to do.”

I asked Emma what she is most enjoying about attending 7th grade in the Hopkinton School District. She shared that she “like(s) it a lot. I like the change. I loved Summit, but it’s a good change. There are more people and more of a variety of people. I can have friends in one group like in sports, and different friends in classes or another group.”  

How well does she think that Summit prepared her for the switch to another school?  She shared that she was academically well prepared. Also, “the community working really helped my ability to work in groups. Now we are put in pairs a lot to work; I have experience with that. I like it.”

I asked Emma what was the most challenging part of making the change to another school in a much bigger school district.  “The most challenging part was understanding what I was doing at first. It’s harder to break in during these (Covid) times. I talk to my friends a lot; I met up with them early on before school started, and that helped.”

When asked about homework and grades, Emma responded that the homework is “pretty good”.  She reports that she had to learn how to study for the tests. She is not a big fan of grades! “I don’t love grades. I find that I am always focused on them, and I don’t love that. They do show me where I’m at and what I need to work harder on.”

What advice would Emma give to the sixth graders at Summit this year? “One thing is to definitely reach out and if you know people at the school where you are going to be, reach out to them. I was in touch with a guidance counselor who gave me a map of the school and started to figure out who might be in classes with me. The guidance counselor helped to merge the two worlds.” 

Emma shared that she developed important leadership skills while at Summit, especially in the Upper Elementary class. “Model UN helped to bring out my public speaking and leadership skills. Instead of being like a bossy leader, I learned how to be a ‘Leader leader’.  Senior project helped my work ethic. It made me understand how to do a big project like that.”

What does Emma miss about being at Summit? “I definitely miss being in a classroom with fewer kids. I liked the big room where we could be more independent. I miss the relationships I built at Summit. I knew the teachers and they all knew me. Now I have 45 minutes with each teacher; makes it tricky to get to know them well.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Summit community? “My internship! I loved it! I worked with the Beginners. Their personalities were amazing. I think that the internships were a great experience. I got to go and look at things from the teachers’ point of view.”

We miss you, Emma, and we are incredibly proud that you are doing so well in your new school!