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Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Raveena seems to be off to a great start at Riverbend and she reports that she's made lots of new friends and is enjoying the seventh grade. She loves the freedom of movement that her classroom allows - she can choose where to sit based on the work that she has to do and can take breaks whenever she feels she needs them. That allows her to connect with new friends, which she finds to be a really rewarding experience, despite the challenges that Covid-19 puts in place for getting close to friends and mask wearing. When asked what her favorite subject is, she reports enthusiastically that it's science! Returning families may recall that Raveena's sixth grade senior project at Summit was about Mars and her dreams of becoming an astronaut, so it's not a surprise that she's drawn to the sciences! Right now they're tackling life science and have spent a lot of time inspecting things under microscopes, including taking saliva swabs to observe at a microscopic level. They've just started up doing some chemical experiments and she's excited to see what's next in her weekly Thursday science lab.

The hardest part about adapting to the seventh grade has been learning to manage Google classroom for homework and her time both in school and after school. With the freedom her schedule allows her, it can be tricky to make sure that she's adequately allocating time to the work before her, but she reports that overall she's still managing it pretty well, but sometimes she admits to missing a detail or two.

Raveena spent some time in the interview reflecting on how her time at Summit helped to prepare her for this next educational journey. She was especially grateful for her Montessori Model United Nations project and trip in the sixth grade. She reports, "I think that, especially going to MMUN helped me a lot, because we had to type up that whole speech - that was a lot to do! Now I can talk to other kids about going to New York and I connected with a lot of my classmates here at Riverbend when I met them on that trip. The whole experience helped me for writing essays - a lot of what Ms. Janice taught me helps me now when I'm asked to write and have a word count in my assignments." Something new for Raveena is the addition of getting graded on assignments. She really likes getting grades and feedback on her work - she admits that it isn't nearly as nerve-wracking as she thought it would be - it's just another point of data for her. It's nice to know her progress through her own learning. She excitedly shared that she got a 98% on the summer work she was assigned before starting at Riverbend - a brief book report based on a book the whole class read over the summer months.

When asked about what she misses at Summit she reports that it's the people! She talked fondly about how much she felt connected to the community of children at the school - the young kids that she was able to help and her fellow Upper Elementary students. She has some words of advice for our current sixth grade students. "Think ahead - but not too much," she says, "Start with little things to help you prepare for middle school. Try something new academically or outside of school - an art program or a science program. Something that helps to put you apart from other kids and makes you happy." Her final comment in the interview were these parting words to all of you: "Summit really helped me prepare for my next school. In the sixth grade, I got more homework and big projects and that built me up so now I'm ready for it!"