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6th Year Internships

Sixth graders have many tasks. We are the oldest, as it is our last year at the school. We do MMUN and senior projects, while trying to keep up with school work and activities. We also do one more thing that fourth and fifth graders don’t do. We do internships.

Internships are opportunities for sixth graders to go beyond their boundaries, and to explore the outside world. We do this by helping out other teachers and administrators in the school.
The job depends on with whom we intern. For example, if you were to intern with Miss Jackie, the CH music teacher, you would help her students do the musical assignment. Or if you were to work with Miss Martha, you might observe in other classrooms, or interview alumni. Some of the people you can intern with are Miss Louise, Miss Siobhan, Miss Lois, Miss Andrea, Nurse Sue and Miss Sherri.
This is how we propose our internship. After talking to the mentor about what the job might be like, we write a proposal letter to them, explaining why you would like to work with them, and why you would be good at that particular job. You deliver the letter, and wait for their response. Here is a list of the sixth graders and the internships set up for the Fall. Maia wants to intern with Miss Martha. Clara wishes to intern with Miss Sherri. Hanne is working with Miss Siobhan as the Admissions Director and I will be working with Miss Siobhan in the Library. Eliza wants to intern with Miss Andrea. Dennis is as yet unsure who he is going to intern with.

I hope you learned more about internships and what they are. Perhaps you will see us in the building attending to our tasks.

Katie DiGeronimo