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Summit Montessori School

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Our Families Say

"When my daughter was in second grade we went on an intensive search for a new school. After several months, we chose Summit. It was so clearly the front-runner that there really was no other choice. Summit was the only school on our list that would help our daughter in the one area where she struggled, while at the same time letting her surge ahead in all the areas where she excelled. Our daughter loved the environment—the strong science curriculum, the freedom to pursue her passions, the kindness of the teachers, and the focus on community both in the school and globally. After her school visit, she begged us to let her go there. Summit is one of the best decisions we ever made. We have seen our daughter grow from a shy, nervous, quiet child into one who stuns us with her courageous voice when advocating for others and when presenting her work to everyone from toddlers to adults. Summit gave her that voice—her own voice—and it’s a gift she’ll carry with her for the rest of her life."

Parent of an Upper Elementary Student

"Summit truly lives up to its mission! The challenging and individualized curriculum enables our children to reach their highest potential. The well-designed class environment at each level fosters independence, exploration and a genuine love for learning. In addition to the strong focus on academics, it is incredibly heartwarming to see our children become caring, curious and confident individuals under the care of the Summit faculty and staff. We are so lucky to be here!" 

The Pirzada/Khan Family

"We were delighted to see how quickly and naturally our son Jake integrated into Summit's Beginner's program. Both teachers were amazingly in tune with Jake's personality, development progress, and budding passions. We love how the entire Montessori environment promoted his sense of independence and stimulated his love of learning. We received weekly updates and daily reports which helped us feel involved and informed, which was very important to us."

Dennis and Jessica Milan

"As long time Summit parents, we know first-hand the truly unique experience that is Summit Montessori. We have realized that our son’s success in middle school is
an outcome of the solid foundation he received at Summit. Our son is a focused and enthusiastic learner who works well independently and collaboratively; these are only some of the
lifelong lessons he learned in his early education.”
(Mary Ann Ciampa, Alumni parent and Trustee)


“Summit is a very unique school. Summit’s individualized curriculum encourages each kid to reach beyond his/her capabilities.
Summit’s love encompasses the students and their parents in a precious bond.”
(The Anand Family)

“In the two years our daughter has attended Summit Montessori School, she has gained confidence and independence.
Summit helped her to unlock her interest in mathematics, reading, writing, and arts.
Summit has become more than just a school for our daughter, it has become a second home to her, filled with friends and mentors.”
(The Gerber Family)

“Ayaan always enjoys going to Summit. He loves his teachers, fellow students, and the various activities he gets to do while there.
We have been very pleased with his progress at Summit. The teachers are very welcoming and provide an environment of comfort and warmth that encourages creativity and independence.”
(The Raja/Rao Family)

To read what families say about Summit Montessori in their home languages (with English translations), click below:

Punjabi from the Anand Family 

Urdu from the Raja/Rao Family 

French from the duHalgouet Family

Russian from the Gerber Family 

Latvian also from the Gerber Family 

Hungarian from the Varai Family